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What is stress?

Stressful experiences can come out of nowhere and from many sources. Stress can effect our behaviour and impact our relationships with others. It can feel like stressful events are outside of our control this can impact our physical and psychological health. Examples of stress include; money worries, caring for others, work and family issues.


  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach aches, chest pains and muscle tension.
  • Psychological symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, worrying and feeling overwhelmed.

How can counselling help?

Talking about your experiences can increase your understanding of what is happening and identify any underlying issues that may be causing you stress. During counselling you will be able to identify your stress triggers and explore coping strategies and resources.

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  • For individuals it is £20 for the initial assessment session, after this it is £45 per 50 minute session
  • For couples sessions are £45 for a 60 minute session





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