Counselling for

Self esteem and confidence

What are self-esteem and confidence problems?

Self-esteem is how you think and feel about yourself. Being confident means being comfortable with how you look and how you feel. And it means feeling good about yourself, your abilities and your thoughts. What affects your confidence and self-esteem can be different for different people. Social media or adverts can impact self-esteem, this can affect how you feel about your appearance. The level of support you receive from people you trust can impact your achievements or skills.

Other experiences that negatively affect our confidence and self-esteem include; physical or mental health problems that affect our abilities or not being understood by others, pressure to achieve, being bullied, experiencing stigma or discrimination, family problems or relationship problems.

You may be affected by other experiences, or you may have had low confidence or self-esteem for a long time.


  • Difficulty in prioritising your own needs, wants and feelings.
  • Unable to set boundaries and feeling guilty for everyday actions.
  • Critical self talk and difficulties in making choices.
  • Finding it difficult to be in social situations, turning to drink or substances to help.

How counselling can help

Counselling can help with our experiences, through understanding the cause of low confidence and self-esteem we become more aware of where it originates from, this allows us to understand ourselves better. With this we can start to identify strategies and resources to enhance our self-esteem and confidence.

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  • For individuals it is £20 for the initial assessment session, after this it is £45 per 50 minute session
  • For couples sessions are £45 for a 60 minute session





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