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What is addiction?

Addiction is defined as something that is hard to control or stop, 1 in 3 people are addicted to something. Addiction is commonly associated with nicotine, alcohol and drugs but you can be addicted to just about anything. In the case of substances and alcohol these can have harmful psychological and physical side effects. As an addiction progresses the strain of managing can impact relationships and employment. When you are stuck in the cycle, addiction recovery can seem out of reach, but with the right support and treatment change is possible.

Common addictions

  • Internet
  • Alcohol
  • Nicotine
  • Prescription medicine 
  • Over the counter medicine 
  • Illicit drugs 
  • Food 
  • Gaming
  • Gambling 
  • Sex
  • Caffeine 

How counselling can help?

Counselling offers a confidential environment to talk about addiction without shame or fear of being judged. Exploring behaviours that keep you in the cycle of addiction increases self awareness and can provide a new way for people with addictions to think, feel and act. Talking through your experiences can help identify strategies and resources in overcoming and managing an addiction.

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  • £20 for the initial assessment session
  • £40 per session after





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